Planned and Preventive Maintenance

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An Effective Preventive and Preventive Maintenance Program

Don’t waste valuable hours manually distributing Preventive Maintenance checklists. And don’t spend extra time making sure things are completed. Repairist; It allows you to forward maintenance plans to the right technician for the right asset and be automatically reminded at the planned periods.

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Create Detailed and Powerful Preventative Maintenance

Repairist creates simple and intuitive PM plans while guiding your technicians to ensure your job is done correctly. It allows you to create simple checklists or conditional logic. It allows you to create and document information such as how to perform maintenance and which parts to replace, so even new staff know exactly what to do without needing additional training. When using Repairist’s PM Plans generator you can:

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Mobile Work Orders

With the use of our Android and IOS mobile applications, our customers experience up to 30% better organization, communication, efficiency and productivity across their entire maintenance team. Through the mobile application, users can:

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Your Data is on Your Side with Special Indicators

Let’s face it, the first step to improving your operations is knowing the good and the bad. With Repairist’s Dashboards, you can finally start finding things that are going wrong, if any, and putting data-backed plans into action. This results in reduced labor costs, reduced downtime and more. With Repairist’s Custom Dashboards;

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