About Us

Cloud Based Maintenance and Management Software

Our company offers a range of critical services such as web design and network solutions, as well as software production and sales. It has adopted the principle of providing you with special solutions by addressing all your needs and problems regarding computing and internet technologies.

Today, many businesses turn to custom software development when industry standard software packages do not fully meet their specific needs. As Aybit Technology, we are at your side with our experience in developing software that suits the specific needs of businesses, not limited to package programs. Our goal is to support businesses by designing special software to facilitate their operations.

Aybit Technology has a history of constantly improving itself in the software industry for more than 15 years. We attach special importance to designing the software we develop in a simple, user-friendly and effective way. Aybit Technology’s software is created entirely by our own expert team.

Customer satisfaction is at the center of our business, and in line with this principle, we constantly keep our software updated in line with your suggestions and requests. Developing technology is rapidly changing and transforming the business world. During this transformation process, we support you by offering “Special Solutions for You” to enable your business to step into computer technology.