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Aybit Technology Inc. collects features such as user density, visited sections, and clicked areas automatically and anonymously during visitors’ navigation on the website. This data is used only to determine the viewing and following rates of sections and different areas and is not associated with any visitor’s personal information. In cases where the technology called “cookie” is used, which determines where or how the pages are visited, statistical data is collected to determine the viewing and clicking rates of different areas of the site, and it is not a personalized application. This technology aims to make the content of the sections that users visit more frequently more easily accessible to the user from the first visit to the site.

Necessary precautions are taken to ensure the security of your personal information and serious investments are made in this regard. Information is subject to restricted access to prevent unauthorized access, modification and misuse. Aybit Technology Inc. includes a “confidentiality” clause in the contracts it makes with the companies it receives services from, to prevent information from being given to third parties for any purpose without its permission. After registering to the Online Sales System, do not share your password with anyone for your security.

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