Importance of Data, KPI Tracking and Reporting

As Aybit Technology, we share with you our presentation titled “The Importance of Datain Maintenance Management Systems, KPI Tracking and Reporting” at the 2nd Maintenance Technologies Symposium organised by TMMOB at Sakarya University Congress Centre on 6 October.

In this presentation, we explained the role of data in maintenance management systems, how and why tracking KPIs and creating effective reports are critical for business success. In this process, discover the advantages of digitalisationand how you can improve your business processes.

Watch the video to learn about data-driven maintenance management strategies and what can be done about it and more. Have a good time!

Aybit Technology Inc.– repairist

Photos from the Presentation

Development of Business Processes

We explain with examples how business processes can be made more effective and efficient with data and reports with digitalisation. We offer practical suggestions on how businesses can adopt these developments.

KPI Tracking

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are critical for evaluating the effectiveness of maintenance processes. We aim to help participants develop a KPI-orientated maintenance strategy by detailing how KPIsand data are monitored and how these indicators impact business performance.

Reporting Processes

Effective reports ensure that the right data is communicated in the right way. In this section, we help participants build a strong reporting infrastructure by explaining what data is reported, what formats are used and how these reports are interpreted.

Role of Data

Understanding the central role of data in maintenance management systems enables businesses to develop a more proactive maintenance strategy. Going beyond data collection, identifying which data is valuable to the business and communicating how that data will be used is the foundation for sustainable maintenance management.

Advantages of Digitalisation

Digitalisation brings a transformation in care management. By highlighting the advantages of data-based decision-making and automation, we explain how digitalisation can make a difference in business processes.

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